Ladies and Gentleman,

A warm welcome to my official business homepage.

This website has been created and constructed by myself with the desire to provide additional information to prospective employer and people who are interested in my life, my knowledge, my abilities and my personality.

Your will find a lot of private achievements and future goals and targets which I am planning to fulfill.

I am also looking forward to expand my network, so do not hesitate to contact me through my contact form.

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Petr Brusilovskij

How everything started:

I was born as an identical twin in Kiew, capital city of Ukraine. When I was six years old my parents and I moved to Berlin, Germany. My parents had to work a lot, and occasionally I was left at my grandparents in Bremen for two years.

After the 6th grade we migrate to Leiden in the Netherlands, where I had been attending “The International School of the Hague” for three years. After the 9th grade we moved back to Berlin, and I graduated with baccalaureate at a German school. My early years of childhood had been affected by changing places and languages. I’ve been raised trilingual in German, English and Russian.

In May 2007 I graduated in “Sports Economics (Dipl.)”. My thesis topic was “Value Based Management from the Strategic Management point of view”. The main discrepancy was that in different countries companies define VBM differently. So which approach should be regarded as the better one, the Shareholder (USA) or Stakeholder (Europe) approach? It may depend on the company’s roots and what about the whole globalization disaster? Many questions have stayed unanswered.

After my graduation I have started an internship at the new established company “Travel Alliance PR”. I had a chance to participate in the developing process of a newly born company and learned a lot during that time.  Their portfolio includes clients from all over the world. Also, they have built strategic partnerships with companies from USA, Asia and Europe. As a team assistant I had been in charge of ensuring the communication between clients and strategic partners . I had also been in charge of maintaining the homepage and traveling to exhibitions in order to contact potential clients. The main business of “Travel Alliance PR” was to understand the individuell desires of their multicultural clients and provide tailormade solutions.

Both experiences (my thesis and the internship) have made me understand that the konzept of “International Management” is the solution to achieve a better understanding of how international companies have to act in todays economical environment. This is what motivated me to start studying International Marketing/Management (M.A.) at the Berliner School of Economics and Law (HWR-Berlin).  I hope through the studies to learn to use the management tools more efficiently and effectively. Additionally, I am interested in a higher qualification, which is necessary for being employed in an international company.

From March 2009, I am planning to apply an internship with the main focus in online marketing. I am mainly interested in multinational companies.

I am very excited what will happen next in my life.

And you guys will be the first to know.

See you…

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