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Petr Brusilovskij (Dipl. Sports Economist & International Management/Marketing (M.A))

Suchlandstraße 9 • 12167 Berlin • Germany

Fon: +49 (0)30 817 020 63

Cellphone: +49 (0)160 976 211 92



My business home page with the URL: is been created by myself (It is based on a wordpress template: author URL: I am responsible as a content provider according to

§ 7 of the German Media Services law for my »own content« that I provide. Although all content is carefully checked and constantly updated, I cannot guarantee that all content is complete, accurate and up to date. I am therefore not liable for any damage arising in conjunction with the use of this content.

Links to content maintained by other providers are used to differentiate my content from their content. The links therefore makes »external content« available for use by Petr Brusilovskij . The links are designated as follows: The link provides access to the content so that Petr Brusilovskij can use it (§ 8 German Media Services law). Petr Brusilovskij is not responsible for this »external« content since Petr Brusilovskij did not trigger the transfer of the information, did not select the addressee of the information transferred and did not select or change the information transferred. This »external information« is also not automatically stored temporarily by Petr Brusilovskij due to the selected call and linking method so that Petr Brusilovskij is also not responsible for this external content, either.

»Links«, however, are always references to »living« (dynamic) Internet presences of third parties. Petr Brusilovskij checked the external content the first time a link was established to it to see if any criminal or civil charges could be triggered by the content. However, Petr Brusilovskij is not required to constantly check the content referenced by Petr Brusilovskij’s web site for changes that may lay the foundation for such charges. Only when Petr Brusilovskij determines or is informed by another party that an offering pointed to by a link could trigger criminal or civil charges will Petr Brusilovskij eliminate the link to this offer, insofar as this is technically possible and feasible. The technical capabilities and feasibility is not affected by the fact that even after Petr Brusilovskij has eliminated access from its home page, the illegal or criminal content may still be accessed from other servers.





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