Every person has a private life. Everybody has some kind of hobbies something they like and invest time and effort into. My passion belongs to running. I also love movies and the special feeling created by the environment in a movie theater. What I also believe is that social commitment should not only be a farce, but a way of saying thank you for having the luck to be healthy and being loved by his family and friends. Devotion to help people and close friends is more worth then money and brings more satisfaction and happiness in your life.

Running achievements at the 10 km (6,2 miles) and the Berliner half marathon
(21,0975 km/13,1 miles), organized by Vattenfall.
Participation at the Team Relay 2009-2010 (Vatenfall).

half marathon vattenfall

10 kilometer vattenfall run

I worked for the Jewish community for three years. We were helping integrating new members who arrived to Germany into the new neighborhood. It was mainly done at the weekends at the synagogue.

social engagement jewish community social engagement kienbaum

As I worked at the movie theater I also have been participating at some premieres. Here are some staff passes from premieres I have been working on.

lord of the rings spiderman 3 troja

At the end of this rubric you can see my performance at the 60 kilometer (32,28 miles) cross country skiing competition. This certificate is from my 12th grade winter school trip to Italy. Just imagen to be over six hours in the nature gliding with your skis over the white snow.

cross country skiing certificate

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engagement portfolio

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