In this part you will find my work experiences which a gathered over the years.


Berlin School of Economics and Law is a public corporation, Berlin, Germany.

After my first studies at the university of Potsdam and an internship at Travel Allinance PR company, I started studying International Marketing/Management (M.A.) at the Berliner School of Economics and Law (HWR-Berlin). To finance my studies, I worked as a IT-Consultant at the Berliner School of Economics and Law. I have been responsible for:

  1. maintenance of all multimedia application (projector, installations etc.)
  2. support and a detailed briefing of staff and lecturer members
  3. preparation of documentations


Travel Alliance PR Inc., Berlin, Germany.

After I graduated at the university of  Potsdam, I completed a 6-month internship as a team assistant in this PR agency. My responsibilities included managing the data base, routine maintenance of the company’s homepage, composing job advertisements, and evaluation of interviews. This was a pure entrepreneur experience. I have been present when the startup venture was established and I gained important knowledge of how adventurous it is to start a new business from scratch, and how difficult it is to find trustful partners. A big personal thanks goes to my mentor Joachim Fischer (Head of Operations & Communications CMAT Group and the chief editor of the tourism magazine Tourism-Insider).

travel alliance letter of recommendation travel alliance letter of recommendation part two

Kieft & Kieft Filmtheater GmbH, Berlin, Germany.

I’ve been working behind a sales counter and in the customer service area. We were a great team and until today I am visiting my employer and watch movies in this theater. The great thing about the place is that they show all movies in the original language. Of course the most are shown in English. It was a wonderful experience.

letter of recommendation cinestar

Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Bildung, Kultur und Umweltschutz mbH, Berlin, Germany.

I have been teaching computer applications for beginners (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet etc.). This was the first time I was teaching to a group of adults. This is where I decided that I also try to make my Ph. D. and then afterwards to start teaching at a university. Just one of my dreams and goals for my future.

tutor contract with the project agency

NWA (Nordic Walking Academy) GbR, Berlin, Germany.

This was my first internship and I was supervising the nordic walking courses. Another task was to establish a new customer base and I’ve been participating in an exhibition and a sport event. A lot of the work has been done by myself independently. The most important that I learned in this time is to listen and to believe in my own competency. After the internship I worked for two years as a freelancer (instructor) for this company. Because I needed more time for the last phase of my studies I had to quite this beautiful work. What I real miss is the nature. All of the courses were taking place in a forest. Sometimes I have been in the forest for over four hours in a row smelling the fresh air.

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